To the loyal customers of Kimmel Scrap,

I am pleased to announce that Kimmel Scrap Iron and Metal has completed the expansion of our facility. Recently, we acquired the neighboring one-acre property that had been vacant for many years. We have turned this property into truck parking and a staging area for our roll-offs/lugger containers.

So, why does that matter? Simply put, efficiency. The new roll-off/lugger staging area is next to the exit of the facility. This allows our drivers to switch containers without reentering the yard. This has cut down on drivers’ time in the yard as well as reduced flat tires. When our drivers are moving more efficiently, our customers are being serviced in a timelier manner.

At Kimmel Scrap Iron and Metal, every improvement we make is examined through the lens of “Does it benefit our customer?” This yard expansion has proven to be a solid improvement that will pay dividends every day for years to come. If there is any way that we can help you to increase the efficiency at your facility, please reach out to us.

Sam Peters