July 15, 2018

To The Loyal Customers of Kimmel Scrap Iron & Metal Co.

Communication: In the last 25 years our forms of communication have changed like no other. Our grandparents would be amazed at our cell phones, email, texting and every other form of instant messaging. Some things stay the same. The best way of two-way communication still is in person or on the phone. When I answer ok on a text what does it mean? If I smile (please don’t mention emoji) during our conversation it means something.

Every month we try and hand deliver a large percentage of our payments to you in order to meet, communicate and assure you that your business is important to us. Most likely you will see either TJ, myself or Ken visiting you. Please let us know how we are doing: We Care.

Please remember, we like phone calls for service. Our phone number is 313-934-1100. You can still email dispatch@kimmelscrap.com or fax 313-934-2141. Our website is www.kimmelscrap.com. Either way, we appreciate you.


Office 313-934-1100

Robert Kimmel-100
Ken Schutt-102
T.J. Yarema 103
Sam Peters-105
Nicole Lamar-107
Holly Sievert-115