To our loyal customers of Kimmel Scrap:

Happy spring, it’s me Ken, the safety guy again. Not really, I just believe safety is the most important part of what any of us do. And why is it always the “safety guy” or “safety lady?” Safety is not one person’s responsibility it is all our responsibility. No one person can be responsible for everyone else’s safety it is a collective effort that all of us must be diligent with.

We owe it to ourselves and co-workers to work safely, report unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, injuries and near misses.

Safety is never about discipline and reporting should be encouraged and commended. When someone reports an unsafe condition, act or near miss and the root causes for those instances are eliminated that person just prevented someone from getting injured. What is more rewarding that that?

Remember, it takes all of us to create a safe workplace and no one person can do it by themselves. Join in and help all our workplaces be injury free.

Have a great spring and be safe.