December 15, 2022

To The Loyal Customers of Kimmel Scrap Iron & Metal Co.

When I was asked to compose this month’s newsletter, I immediately considered many important topics. Subjects ranging from snow/cold weather safety, continuous improvement, and looking forward to better days. However, I have decided to briefly talk about simply, being thankful. I specifically mean being thankful to our coworkers and teammates. Nearly all of us work at a company with multiple employees all fulfilling different tasks, many of these behind the scenes. Whether it is sweeping the floor, balancing the books, ensuring the supply room or tool crib is well stocked or making sure the equipment is maintained; many of these tasks go unnoticed, until they don’t happen.

It is when things go wrong or people aren’t around that we see just how intricate and complex the places we work actually are. It is also when we see that having a strong, interconnected, and well-trained team means the difference between success and failure. So, as we come into the holiday season, please take a moment to see and appreciate those around you who make your work day smooth and successful. Here at Kimmel Scrap Iron and Metal we would like you to consider us as part of your team, here to help in any way that we can. Please feel free to call or email us if you need help or just have a question.

We at Kimmel Scrap wish you and your family a Happy, Restful and Safe Holiday.


Sam Peters

Robert Kimmel-100
Ken Schutt-102
T.J. Yarema 103
Sam Peters-105
Nicole Lamar-107
Holly Sievert-115