Greetings to our Valued Customers,

All of us at Kimmel Scrap Iron & Metal hope you had wonderful July 4th holiday and had an opportunity spend valuable time with family and friends. We would also like to thank the men and women who serve and have served our country that allow us to enjoy such freedoms.

As we mentioned in our May/Earth Day Newsletter, recycling and environmental responsibility is something to practice all year long. Within the last 45 days we have made infrastructure improvements to increase our efficiencies but the most important being improvements to our oil-water separator. This allows us capture the fluids in loads then run that fluid through a system that captures the oil for recycling and allows the separated water to be discharged to the Detroit Water Treatment Plant. This is important because we do not discharge into our Great Lakes.

We would also like to welcome the newest addition to our Kimmel family, Holly Sievert. Holly has worked in the scrap metal industry for over 15 years. She brings with her experience in dispatch, scale house management and excellent administrative skills. I have had the pleasure of working with Holly for over five years and I know you will find her a pleasure to work with as much as I have.

Thank you and enjoy your summer.

Ken Schutt

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