March 13, 2017

To The Loyal Customers of Kimmel Scrap Iron & Metal

We hope that all of you along with your families and friends are safe after nearly a week of storms, down trees and power outages. And who can forget the snow that followed? This was a reminder that we can never take safety and preparedness too seriously. Safety is a topic we take near and dear to our hearts and we would like to ask you, our customers to help us in one area we are trying to eliminate injuries and unsafe conditions. Having our drivers walk on a loaded box.

    How can you help?

We ask that you communicate to the employees responsible for loading boxes and ask them not to load the material higher than the top of the box.

    Why is material sticking out over the top of the box unsafe?

First, a driver walking on top of the material could cut them self on the sharp material. Second, the fall potential. Third, the material could hit low bridges and/or fall out causing damage to cars or an accident. Lastly, it is also illegal and the driver can be cited with a ticket. All of us here at Kimmel Scrap thank you for understanding and helping us try to eliminate unsafe conditions in the workplace. If there is a safety topic or concern you would like us to address please email or call me directly. We are always looking for ways to make improvements – especially to safety.



You have many choices when it comes to requesting service. You can “Schedule a Pick-up” from our website which works well with cell phones and computers, call our office at 313-934-1100, fax 313-934-2141 or email us at

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