November 15, 2022

To The Loyal Customers of Kimmel Scrap Iron & Metal Co.

As we enter the end 2022 many of us look back and think of what we have accomplished and
what we wish to change. Many times I think of how we have all compromised on our
personal and professional lives to allow us to reach this day.

In a review of Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices November 2021 thru 2022 has been amazing. We have seen prices increase from November 2021 over $155.00 and then midyear 2022 drop $350.00. Makes our job and yours a bit tricky.

We are always looking to increase the volume of scrap metal we purchase each month. I would appreciate any kind words or recommendations to your friends or customers.

We continue to try, just as you, to constantly improve our operations. We have new equipment on the way in January that will improve our production and will help you our customers as well. I would ask that you continue to monitor your scrap containers and attempt to maximize load weights to lower cost per ton rates.

We at Kimmel Scrap wish you and your family a Happy, Restful and Safe Thanksgiving Holiday.


Robert Kimmel-100 Nicole Lamar-107
T.J. Yarema 103 Ken Schutt-102
Holly Sievert-115 Sam Peters-105