To the Loyal Customers of Kimmel Scrap,

It seems that the long national debate is over and America has chosen our next President.  How will the commodity and equity markets react?  It is too soon to know.  I personally am just glad to get back to work and hopefully our new President can unify our nation and develop a sound domestic and foreign policy while defending our troops abroad.

We have seen in the month of November our first increase in ferrous scrap prices since May of this year.  Many so-called experts attribute the increase to limited imports of certain grades of foreign steel and decrease in inventories at many scrap yards.  The soon approaching winter season should also help stabilize current scrap prices as mills anticipate difficulties in receiving scrap through the rough winter weather.

As I am writing this letter, I just like many others am, enjoying my morning Dunkin Donuts cup of coffee.  I find it interesting that currently, the US disposes of 60 Billion coffee cups a year with the majority ending up in the landfill.  A new cup is coming out next year with a very thin plastic lining which will allow for better recyclability and fewer cups in the trash.  Developer Frugalcup Inc. from the UK claims that unlike a traditional cup, these will be different with a higher rate of recyclability and lower landfill generation with only a slightly higher cost per cup.

Every day at Kimmel Scrap we preach Design for Recycling.  At your home or office review what you do and what you can do to lower landfill and increase the recyclability of our resources.

Many of you have tried our new dispatch system which works well with portable smartphones or office computers.  We would appreciate any comments you might have or any suggestions to improve this service.  You are always welcome to continue and call our office at 313-934-1100, fax 313-934-2141 or use dispatch@kimmelscrap.net.

If you have any questions regarding service, materials or pricing please contact either myself, TJ or Ken at our office.

Thank you,


Robert Kimmel


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