September 16, 2019

To The Loyal Customers of Kimmel Scrap Iron & Metal Co.

As summer winds down, the kids return to school and a new season begins the steel market continues to be a bear. Most industries continue to flourish and those that generate scrap metal have seen their finished goods prices fluctuate while for those of us in the scrap metal industry have seen a year of steady declines. As much as this hurts and cuts into margins it is never an excuse to take a day off, change the way we approach day-to-day business or service our customers. For us at Kimmel it is times like these where we thrive and approach each day the same way we approached yesterday. We take care of customers and have an eye on the future. Because we are looking ahead just this week we took ownership of a brand new 2019 Liehberr LH50 M.

We appreciate your past business and look forward to our future business. We look forward to hearing from you and please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Please remember we like phone calls and enjoy talking to you when requesting service. The phone number is 313-934-1100. You can still email Dispatch(a), fax us at 313-934-2141 or submit a request for service right from your phone using our website,


Robert Kimmel-100
Ken Schutt-102
T.J. Yarema 103
Sam Peters-105
Nicole Lamar-107
Holly Sievert-115